Anoosh Jorjorian (she/they) has over 20 years of experience writing, blogging, editing, and teaching English. Her professional writing career began in 1997 when she co-edited the updated "Relationships with Women" chapter in Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century. She has been published in Salon, the Huffington Post,, AlterNet, Black Girl Dangerous, Racialicious, and Sojourner on issues of race, sexuality and gender identity, culture, and policy.

Mx. Jorjorian has also been working for racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights for over two decades. She is currently the founder and principal of Inclusive Futures Consulting, LLC, which helps parents, educators, and institutions teach children about identity differences and be inclusive across identity lines. She directs Yolo Rainbow Families and the Davis Queer Teen Group, which are projects of the Davis Phoenix Coalition. Yolo Rainbow Families advocates for and supports LGBTQ+ parents, LGBTQ+ kids, and parents of LGBTQ+ kids in Yolo County. In March 2020, she co-founded the ApoYolo Project, a program of the Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network, which kept Spanish-speaking immigrant families housed, fed, and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic through August 2021. In March 2021, she joined the Board of Directors of Gender Spectrum, which supports families, healthcare workers, educators, and institutions in creating a gender-inclusive world for trans and all gender-expansive youth. For her community work, Jorjorian was selected for the City of Davis Brinley Award for public service in 2021.

She is also a designer and owns a business, Downtown Angry Brown, where she sells t-shirts and other products.

She currently lives in Northern California with her spouse, their two children, and two dogs.

She has lived on both coasts of the US as well as in West Africa and the South Pacific. She speaks Spanish, French, and Wolof. 

Photo by David Greenwald